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My Favorites in a Musical 1, 2, 3!

I’m not a huge contemporary Christian music fan. I do listen, but find I have a short attention span for most kinds of music. Lately though, oh, how I’ve been loving this guy: BTD Album Covers

Bebo Norman! His music is spiritually deep and his vocals are powerful. I also love that he is a huge Compassion Advocate!



Corrine May is my musical gold mine. Her voice is beautiful, soothing, and we must have been born under the same star because her song choices suit me to a tee! I love this quote from her biography page: “In her songs, the scars sustained through life’s challenges become the fertile soil in which the seeds of hope are sown. “ And what is not to be enamored with about this, “To reflect about the sanctity of life, the reality that we all begin life, in essence as a ‘seed’, and the difference one person’s life can make.  For, as (Corrine) writes in the song “Beautiful Seed” : “There is hope in every heartbeat/ Tiny as it seems/ You’re a beautiful seed”.”

Her version of “Be Thou My Vision” is so rich in beauty, thick in worship. Be Thou My Vision – YouTube


Third in this list is Secret Garden. http://www.secretgarden.no/lowband/fs_facts_feeling.html

Their Irish themed, violin led music is so pretty.






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