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Baby Face-Unfinished


Fingertip skim. Tracing light

Bridge to nose

Crescent of earth satelite




Drooped in sleeping

Declinated to eye-contour

Lashes, powder feathering




Snowball cheeks glowing softly in sync

Curving to dimpled Cupid bowls

Bloodwarmth blushing pink






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Veteran’s Day

Yesterday morning I was holding Dean and looking into his precious face. My heart did that swelling thing that can only be described as mother’s love. Dean has just started smiling and as his little face crinkled I thanked my Lord for the life of this little person that He entrusted me with. As I held my child, my thinking turned towards his future, as it often does. I began to imagine him growing up into this incredible young man, very much like his daddy. It was then that I was struck with this intense fear that clutched my heart. I had realized that Dean will likely follow in Chad’s footsteps and someday join the military. As I followed this train of thought my mind tried desperately to peer into the future and imagine a world and a country no longer at war. I soon realized how unlikely this is. The scripture teaches us that there, “will be wars and rumors of wars…” That clenching fear came back as I came to the understanding that my son may someday go to war like his father did. As I am writing this now, I feel an overwhelming sadness and can’t keep back my tears as I realize that my precious son may someday sacrifice his life serving our country and protecting our freedom. Everything inside me recoils at this thought and I know that I could not humanly stand or mentally survive this ever happening and I pray desperately that God would never allow this tragedy to ever fall on me… Me. Me. Who am I, Lord? That you should take this cup from me? What of all the thousands of mothers who have already lost their sons and daughters protecting our country? What of their loss? What of their grief? What of my Heavenly Father who sacrificed his own son?

As these thoughts course through me, I wonder if we should all take a moment to look at our children and all of those that we  love with every fiber, every element of our being, and imagine what it would cost if they, in turn, laid down their lives for us and for what we believe. The sorrow you might feel may be so strong that it leeches into your bones, but it is only a taste of what others have gone through as they have lost those most precious to them.

It is Veteran’s Day. Honor our Veterans and honor the fallen.

My deepest gratitude goes to my husband who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. You are the greatest man I have ever known. You are my hero.

My brother Micah: serving in the Air National Guard, who has recently volunteered to go to serve in Afghanistan.

My brother Jared: who served in the Navy for five years, overseas.

My dad: also a Navy vet who served at the end of Vietnam.

Our friends and family who have served: Daniel Karr, Adrian Miesner, Cisco Baez, Jimmy Ingram, Gordy Theilemier, Cody Prichard (recently enlisted), and so many more.

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